How to visualise an NFT from your Deadalus wallet

First open your "wallets" collumn in deadalus by clicking the wallet symbol located in the left upper corner of your Deadalus interface.

Then select the wallet of your choice from the wallet selection column. In our case we select the wallet named "Huisch"

When the "Huich" wallet tab has opened, click the "Tokens" tab in the right upper corner of the screen.

In the "Tokens" screen all tokens you have received in this particular wallet are diplayed. In my case there is one token I received from CAPEX, named "Money Bags", with an unique asset fingerprint: asset1wgyralq9vwx8yzanyslfacv6es6tth8qagrse5.

Click the token of interest to unfold it. Then click on the "copy"function displayed at the end of the fingerprint line.

Now navigate to the website and click the purple magnifyingglass button in the right top corner.

now paste the asset fingerprint you copied into the searchbar

A screen describing various features of your NFT appears, usualy also dosplaying a grapic representation of it. If only the description, but no picture is displayed, click in the center of the "open space" underneath the name of the NFT to open the picture.

like this...

Ahhhhh, isn't it pretty?!