Do you have questions about Cardano and/or staking? While you can always send us a text in our Telegram Chat, we have compiled the most frequently asked question in the FAQ section below. 

Question: If the Pool is near saturation. Does this lower my potential rewards?

Answer: When the Pool is saturated, it will have it's maximum profitability . If it goes over this point, the return for the stakers will indeed go down.

Question: There are so many Pools, how should I choose?

Answer: Overall the ranking in Daedalus takes care of the most important parts. Basically the fee that the Pool charges is one point that impacts your profit. The minimum mandatory fee is 340 ADA per epoch for every Pool. The second point that will impact your returns is the so called hit rate. Every epoch a Pool gets a number of slots assigned in which they can produce a block. The performance of a Pool is dependent on how often they manage to actually produce that block. This depends on the infrastructure the pool is running on and how well it is maintained by the operator.

Question: If I add more ADA to the Pool I am already staking in, how long to I need to wait until getting rewards?

Answer: There is always a full epoch between, so if you add for example in epoch 248, the stake becomes active in epoch 250 and you will receive the rewards to epoch 250 at the end of epoch 251. From the point of adding ADA to your wallet, there is a minimum of 15, and a maximum of 20 days until you get your first rewards. 

Question : I staked in a Cardano Pool. When will I see my first rewards?

Answer: It takes 3 full epochs plus the remaining days left of the epoch you started staking in. This means it can take between 15 and 20 days before you see your first rewards.

Question: Where can  I find detailed information about the current epoch and how many blocks were confirmed by this stacking Pool?

Answer: For those of you interested in more details, please visit and search for CAPEX.

Question: What is your price prediction for Cardano?

Answer: If only we would know! While there is a lot of potential in Cardano, it is not possible to make accurate predictions about the future price. The only financial advice we feel free to give is common sense: Don't invest money you can't afford to loose.